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Miniature Hawaiian Fishing Canoe with sail in gift box.



Equipped with a movable sail for easy and safe packing, this miniature fishing canoe long by 9 inches and a height of 7”1/2 inches is an outstanding little piece of artistry.
In keeping with Hawaiian cultural traditions, this model is carved out of Koa wood.
Koa is a large tree endemic to the islands of Hawaii, in other words it grows nowhere else in the world. The Koa trunk was used by ancient Hawaiian to build the various type of dugout canoes and like today with so many other things, the size, shape and beauty of the canoe was used as a status symbol by the Hawaiians .
Koa is also used for wood carving and furniture. It is a tonewood and used for the construction of Ukelele.
Note: the grain and precise color of the wood may change from model to model.

The model, typifying THE ART OF POLYNESIA  is sold in an elegantly designed gift box  laminated with printed petroglyphs and gilded canoes which identifies its content with the Hawaii culture and its past Royalty.
To add to the user’s experience of unboxing this unique hand made model, a foam flap is covering the content and the box is fitted with a concealed magnetic closure.

The same model is available with showcase .

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