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Manini Aikane


This is the latest addition to the very popular set of manini canoes, a manini Hawaiian fishing canoe with sprit sail,
the type of sail in use at the begining of the 20th century. It was a big departure from the traditional crab claw sail
the Polynesian used to rig their outrigger canoes with, and a slow adaption to western style rigging.
This canoe is a replicate in shape and size and color of a model sold in the 1915’s to tourists visiting the islands of Hawaii.
As with the other manini models, this one is long by 4″1/4 and sold displayed in an open-sided acrylic showcase protected by a
beautifull sleeve printed with the signature design and colors of THE ART OF POLYNESIA
The dimensions of the showcase are as follows:
L: 5″, H: 5″3/4, W: 3″3/4
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