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Volumes have been written about the voyages of HOKULE’A. TV documentaries have been shown worldwide testifying to the seaworthiness of this remarkable double-hull canoe. Songs have been composed praising its beauty and relevance in the heart of the Hawaiian people. HOKULE’A was born in 1974 following a proposal to build a replica of an ancient Polynesian voyaging canoe by the Polynesian Voyaging Society and to conduct a round-trip voyage between Hawaii and Tahiti. The voyage’s purpose was to investigate Polynesian non-instrument navigation. In the years since its first, and very successful voyage in 1976, HOKULE’A and its crew of skilled navigators and sailors, have crossed the Pacific Ocean many times. At the time of this writing, HOKULE’A was sailing past New-Zealand.The design of HOKULE’Ais based on pictorial reconstructions by the late Herbert Kawainui Kane who was an authority on Polynesian voyaging canoes. His book “Voyagers” contains a wonderful selection of images illustrating voyaging canoes. Long by 12 inches this model is a work of art and not an off the shelve manufactured or sub-contracted product. This model was individually crafted by Francis Pimmel, who’s work was featured nationwide on MODERN MASTERS by HGTV. HOKULE’A scale models can be commissioned in the following sizes: 12, 24 and 36 inches, or 30.5 cm, 61 cm and 91.5 cm.
The model is supplied with a beautiful Koa base as illustrated, long by 14 inches, wide by 8 inches and high by 2.5 inches .

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