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The Sounds of Hawaii



Koa wood, Breadfruit wood

I always like to dabble around making some miniatures outside the scope of my main
activity which is to build Oceanic ship models for collectors and art galleries. For the longest time I wanted to make a miniature UKELELE. Not content with the Ukelele, I added an Ipu and a Pahu drum to complete a set of miniature Hawaiian instruments.

The Ukelele is 5.5” tall and has been made using beautiful rare curly Koa wood favored by most Hawaiian Ukelele players.
The Ipu drum , 4 inches tall, in this set is carved from the wood of the Breadfruit tree, a staple in Oceanic cultures.
The Pahu drum is 2 inch and a half tall is also carved using the wood of the Breadfruit tree.

The entire set is sold beautifully packaged and ready to be displayed.
There is the lid of the gift box in which to insert the instruments is foam cut-outs. And there is the larger part of the box which holds the wooden base and a showcase to properly display the instruments.
The dimensions of the wooden base are 5” x 7.5” . and those of the showcase;
L: 7.5”, W: 5”, H: 6.5 inches.
The Ipu and pahu drum will stay firmly upright on the wooden base thanks to small magnets. There is space for personalized plaques or lazer engraving.

THE SOUNDS OF HAWAII is a unique concept never seen or available before and would do the delight of any Hula dancer or Ukelele player.

* The miniature Ukelele is not for playing.

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