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Hawaiian Voyaging Canoe



What you are looking at is a streamlined and scaled down version of a typical Hawaiian voyaging canoe. Long by 13 inches with hulls carved out of Koa covered by polished tops and gunnels cut out of cardinal wood and a deck surrounded by a beautiful set of railings. Fitted with a single sail, the canoe is sold resting on a 15 x 6 inches wooden base. That wooden base is fashioned in a way to accomodate an acrylic showcase long by 15 inches 12.5 high and 6 inches wide. All 3 items are shipped in 2 parcels, using USPS Priority Mail .
Parcel # 1 contains the canoe model enclosed in a made to size wooden box with lid. Parcel # 2 contains the wooden base and
showcase. Both parcels weigh a total of 15 pounds.

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